Our Carer's Page

The Philosophy of Caring
By Lance Ferris (Australian Seabird Rescue )

Wildlife caring is, in itself, a highly emotive task.  It requires patience, time, threats to personal relationships, and disruption to family life.  Yet, there are those who take it on, regardless. 
Some may be more qualified than others, but in the overall scheme of things, we are all doing the same job. 
"Our primary goal is to take care of the animals!" is the common cry.


Where would we be, if we needed help, and the nearest carer was an enemy, or the most experienced person with that species refused to answer your phone call? 
"We are here to take care of the carers first... then the animals!" would be more appropriate, for without them, it is often a very sad and lonely experience. 
So you have an animal dying in your arms. You have no-one to contact to help.  The animal dies, and you cry... alone. 
You ask yourself, "Why?" as you attempt to stifle the tears.  But you will never know.
When you bury the animal, remember that you may have saved it...all for the need of a word or two of advice... which you refused to seek.

Edit: Unfortunately Lance Ferris passed away on Sunday 14th of October 2007

hi Boobook Chick (from the Barefoot Bushman's WildlifePark.)
This bird is being cared for by Linden of Fauna Rescue Whitsundays
rufous owl Linden is also caring for this Rufous Owl (Juvenile).
This bird is found north of Rockhampton in Queensland
My arm hurts but I am in good care Linden being a very versatile carer is caring for this Koala who had a broken arm and other injuries after being hit by a car
I lost my mother so now have a new one This is the ideal set up for a baby wallaby. Sandy is caring for this one and by the look of it , this is one happy little wallaby.

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