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Fauna Rescue Whitsundays Association Inc.

Fauna Rescue Whitsundays Association Inc is a Non-profit Voluntary Organisation that cares for sick,injured and orphaned native wildlife in the Whitsundays, Mackay & Bowen areas. 

This site is dedicated to providing information and advice on the various species of wildlife found in these areas and what to do in the event that you find an animal in need of help, who to contact if this happens and much, much more.

On 15th April 2001 a group of concerned people had its founding meeting , elected a Committee and all agreed that The Whitsundays and it's surrounds needed help and so Fauna Rescue Whitsundays Association Inc. was formed.

 Important information Info on what to do if bitten or scratched by a bat (for the kids)
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Flying Fox
Glider - Photo by Andrea Gottke


Non-Releasable Wildlife, by Jacqui Webb

New   Release of Georgie the koala


The wombats are drowning

Ticks and tick-borne diseases—protecting yourself
A review of current information and options for bush regenerators, bush workers and people who love the bush
Edited by Virginia Bear and Lynn Rees.
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Fauna Rescue Whitsundays Association Inc.
PO Box 806,
Cannonvale Qld 4802.

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