Fauna Rescue Whitsundays Association Inc. is the only non profit voluntary organization which cares for sick, injured and orphaned native animals in the Whitsunday Shire, Queensland.logo
We formed in April 2001, when a group of volunteers who are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of our native wildlife came together and formed the above organisation.
We have sound credibility and work closely with other animal rescue groups in other shires and states, Vets, Council, Qld Parks and Wildlife Service and other environmental groups. The organisation is run by an elected committee, which meet monthly to determine policies and guidance to a wide range of issues.

We run the Fauna Rescue Whitsundays Association Inc. Hotline, a 24 hour service which deals with calls from the community relating to sick, injured or orphaned wildlife. This service is manned by volunteers and based on a roster system.

We give informative talks and displays to local schools and community organizations, via our Fauna Rescue Whitsundays Association Inc. School & Community Education Project, educating and encouraging our community to look after their local wildlife and environment.

We have also given school talks on behalf of the Petpep Program, which seek to educate children about appropriate and responsible Pet ownership

Since our formation in 2001 our organization has grown to include over a hundred members, 98% based in the Whitsunday Shire alone.

We anticipate this number to continue to grow steadily as more residents choose to become involve in Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation.
We hold regular meetings and workshops, enabling our members and the general community to come along and learn about our wildlife, their care and environment. This also gives one theopportunity to meet new like-minded people and new friendships to be formed.


• To provide a voluntary, non-profit native wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release service for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.
• To work in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (Q.P.W.S.), R.S.P.C.A. and any other regulations and laws that protect our native wildlife.
• To prevent undue suffering to all wildlife.
• To release rehabilitated native fauna back into their natural habitat from where they camewhen and where ever appropriate.
• To promote and support our endangered wildlife.
• To protect the natural environment.
• To provide an advisory service to the local community.
• To educate the community concerning the care and survival of our native wildlife and their environment via our School and Community Education Project, public displays and meetings.
• To encourage the community and our members to maintain and protect current habitat aswell as to re-vegetate new habitats to support our wildlife.
• To encourage community participation in working towards the continuation of ourorganization and its work.
• To do all such other things incidental to the attainment of the objectives of the Association.

Founding Members:
Derek Webb, Linden Baker & Family, Cheryl Dean & Barry Milton & Family, Jacqui Webb, Tony Briggs, Kiri Kerr, Wilma & Jan Brandejsky, Carole Kenna, Ken McLeod, Warwick & Carol Church, Andrew Brauner, Simone Krause(Germany)

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